It’s good news, we promise.

When we first accepted our jobs here in HCMC we were contracted to work 24hrs over 6 days a week. However over the past month the company has started rolling out new contracts, which we are so excited about, and we signed up straight away!

This new contracts entitle us to the same pay, but they want to reduce our working hours to 18 a week. Sweet deal, I hear you say?! But wait, they have also made it possible to ONLY work Saturday and Sunday. Yes, you heard right. Okay, the days are long BUT if it means only working 2 days a week, and having Monday-Fridays off to explore Vietnam and the neighbouring countries then of course we’ll muster through the weekend! Other teachers at our school gawked at our excitement, worried about teaching for 9 hours a day, two days in a row. However me and David have moved here from a retail environment where we were both contracted to work 10 hours a day so we know we can handle it (teaching children becomes a piece of cake after working 10 hour shifts in a supermarket the week before Christmas). Plus we get a 2 and a half hr lunch to nap and refuel properly.


And so far, so good. We’re just beginning week 4 of this new schedule and have already been able to explore Nha Trang, Hoi An and Da Nang. We’re hoping to head to Phu Quoc for some proper beach time this week too! So, this update is really just to inform you that there will be lots more adventuring coming this way!

F + D

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  1. Hugh Maxwell says: Reply

    You jammy wee buggers!!

    Diane x

  2. Granddad says: Reply

    Hi Frances and David,
    Enjoying following your exploits and glad to see you’re getting your work / leisure time well balanced.
    Take care and enjoy.
    Lots love Granddad and Issi. X

  3. Amy says: Reply

    That sounds like an amazing deal! I would have jumped at the chance of getting all my lessons out the way in 2 days when I taught in Hanoi. I hated my classes being so spread out over the day. You have the perfect schedule to explore!

    1. francesFR says: Reply

      Hey Amy! Thanks for checking us out! I know, it was a bit of a dream come true for us! Unfortunately the situation has changed over the past few weeks with some teachers leaving our school so back to the shambolic schedule in a few weeks. But before then a trip to Kuala Lumpar/Malaka and another to Singapore to look forward too!

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