Hello! Thank you so much for checking out So The Adventure Begins! We are Frances and David, and in August 2016 we packed up our lives in Scotland and headed to the other side of the world to embark upon a new adventure.


Over the three years we’ve been together we’ve been lucky to travel in Europe, America and Asia together. We’ve always had itchy feet and a need to explore, however upon returning from our first backpacking trip around Thailand we were overcome with a desire to explore Asia more, bringing us to our current adventure.

We have set up base in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s southern metropolis, and are taking our time traveling through both Vietnam and South East Asia. That is, in-between our day jobs as English teachers. Travel is our passion but when we aren’t planning a new trip you’ll find us being foodies, catching up on sitcoms and braving the Vietnamese heat and humidity to explore our new city!


We’ve created this online space as a passion project, a way to document our memories and stories, share our tips and hopefully to inspire you to venture out on an adventure! We hope you will connect with us and join us on the adventure!

Scroll down to find out more about us and how we came to move to Vietnam.



Hello, I’m Frances and I’m the driving force behind So The Adventure Begins!

Lover of ice tea, lists and fascinated by ancient history (I might cry the day I visit Egypt). I’m desperate to experience all that the world has to offer!

Born and raised in the beautiful Scottish capital, Edinburgh, I grew up with countless adventures on my doorstep. From running around ancient castles, to exploring Edinburgh by bike and packing up on last minute camping weekends – my childhood was nothing short of an adventure in itself. Further to exploring Scotland I was lucky to travel to many countries as a child, sparking my interest in culture and a desire to explore the world.

Upon finishing high school I followed the crowds and embarked on the next “logical” step, university. University was not the rosy experience that I had been expecting and when my first year rebellion subsided I found myself studying a degree my heart was not in. Towards the end of my wild first year at university I met David and with our shared love of adventuring we instantly clicked and have been pretty much inseparable since (oh young love, right?).

As I trudged through the final years of my degree, I began investigating things to do after graduation that would make me happy. I reflected on treasured memories – planning a surprise trip to Paris for Davids birthday, bathing with Elephants in Chiang Mai, childhood summers spent swimming in the crystal blue Turkish sea, spending a hot summer day cycling and picnicking in Central Park – and so the list continues.. It took very little to convince me that a life where travelling was more obtainable was what I wanted, and dare say needed. Trolling the internet, I found that teaching abroad could be a way to make a life of adventures a reality.

Our decision to move to Vietnam may have seemed sudden and rash to some of our family and friends but with a year of research and planning, completing our TEFL courses, finding jobs and saving money we were by no means rushing into this adventure.

In July 2016 I finally graduated, and with our year of planning under our belt we were ready to make the move! With jobs lined up we booked our flights, and here we are!

We haven’t got a clear idea of what the future hold for us, but I can guarantee it’ll be filled with chasing the next adventures.


Hi! I’m David and I’m Frances’s fellow adventurer!

I love food, and sport, and travelling the world…and Frances of course. Not sure what order they are in however!

I am just as excited for this experience as Frances, but being a few years her senior, have a slightly different experience of how I’ve ended up here!

I grew up in a town in Scotland called Perth and also spent much of my childhood going on adventures around my home country. Whether it be camping on a beach in the highlands, fishing for our dinner or heading to camperdown park in Dundee to play on the sand-pit diggers, my parents and I were always exploring! We travelled outside of the UK fairly rarely (we have family in London so that made for an easy regular holiday).

When we did go further afield, it was usually resorts in Spain or Greece. My parents were pretty nervous inexperienced travellers at that stage and hadn’t yet discovered their sense of adventure! Slowly but surely we progresses to the US and Canada, I was lucky to go on a school trip to South Africa and I loved every single experience!

New food, new people and new cultures are so exciting. Frances and I had explored 3 continents together on holidays and when she suggested this trip to me, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I graduated Uni in 2010 and have sort of been stumbling along ever since, carving out a career I wasn’t really enjoying at all. I’m still not sure what I’ll do with my life when/if we return to the UK but I’m damn sure that I’d rather be living in Ho Chi Minh City right now that where I was.

There is lots of the world still to explore and I can’t wait to see it all with Frances by my side!


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