Spending Chinese New Year In Singapore Chinatown


Yesterday marked the start of the lunar new year, so firstly, Happy New Year to all whole celebrate! We wish you health and happiness! If you’ve been keeping up with our adventures on Instagram and Facebook then you may have already seen glimpses of our most recent trip to Singapore with Davids parents. For this trip to Singapore we opted to stay in Chinatown – you can imagine what a happy coincidence it was to realise that we would be staying in Chinatown just days before Chinese/lunar new year!

While we had already seen some of the Vietnamese lunar new year build-up in Ho Chi Minh City, we were excited to see the different traditions and decorations of the Chinese lunar celebration in Singapore. It’s safe to say our stay in Chinatown did not disappoint, nor did the festive decorations throughout the rest of the city. We were spoiled by gorgeous red lanterns, cherry blossom decorations, festive street lights and getting to watch the night market become busier than ever. Here are a few snaps of the build-up to Chinese new year in Singapore.

The streets were filled with more than the usual number of vendors flogging decorations, in rich reds and bright pinks and oranges. So many cute little hangings to try and not spend all our budget on.

Instead, we opted to buy ourselves a practical souvenir to mark our first lunar new year in Asia – a pair of aptly decorated chopsticks. We also grabbed some for the year in which we were born which will be fun to use when we get home!

The Chinatown night market had lots of vendors selling dried meats and fish, dried persimmon and fresh tangerines – all traditional treats for Chinese new year celebrations!

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, the big pagoda situated right by Chinatown, had an impressive display of lanterns and bright flowers decorating it.

It wasn’t just Chinatown that was ornately decorated and bustling with lunar new year vibes – the whole city was full of lanterns, reds and pinks and so many tangerine towers. This over-the-top display from The Fullerton Hotel was one of our favourites! Isn’t it incredible? So lavish.

If you’re ever travelling to Singapore over the lunar new year be sure to consider getting into the festive spirit by staying in Chinatown! Check here for future lunar new year dates.

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