Wow, first month of the year gone already?! 2017 – slow down! Welcome to our first monthly round up: January I’m hoping to continue doing these for the whole of 2017 and for once I’m actually on time posting!

We’ve been a bit slow off the blocks this month and unfortunately lots of internet issues in Ho Chi Minh City resulted in me already breaking all of my blogging resolutions for 2017. Oops. We have spent the majority of January teaching in Ho Chi Minh City and have been surprisingly busy considering we only “work” 18 hours a week.

Davids parents came to visit in mid-January so we’ve had fun exploring some of our favourite haunts and a few new ones with them. Vietnam is currently celebrating Lunar New Year, called Tet, which is their biggest holiday of the year. The new year started on the 28th of January and we were lucky to see some of the beautiful decorations in the city before jetting off on our Lunar New Year holiday.


The first stop on our travels this month was Singapore, a return visit for us but a first for Davids parents. Davids uncle, a pilot, was able to get a flight out to meet us in Singapore and brought along his wife as a fabulous surprise! As Singapore veterans they were able to take us to some of their favourite restaurants and enjoy an authentic Singapore Sling at Raffles with them.

Davids parents whirred around some of the tourist sites that we saw on our first trip to Singapore, while we headed back to some of our favourite areas and did some of the touristy sites that we hadn’t seen on our first trip, like eating the worlds cheapest Michelin Star meal!

Singapore has a very high Chinese population so we were able to see lots of decorations in the build-up to Chinese Lunar New Year, made particularly special by staying in Chinatown (definitely recommend if you ever visit in the build up to new year).


We then headed to Bali, Indonesia, where we stayed in a stunning Villa for the final few days of Davids parents Asian adventure. Together we relaxed by the pool, laughed at monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest, wandered through the Tegallalang rice terraces and learned to cook Balinese-style.

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I love that Our Big Fat Travel Adventure track their monthly earnings and outgoings in their monthly round ups, and I know I found them super useful when we were planning our move to Vietnam. So, I think we’re going to follow suit and do something similar, as a way for us to tract our saving progress, but also to give an up-to-date idea of the financial side of moving to teach English/travel. Hopefully this can be of some use to you!

January – this is our income from both of our teaching positions in Ho Chi Minh. As we have taken money out in multiple currencies we have rounded the travelling figures so they might not be 100% accurate but they give you a general idea. (We have also spent far more money than expected during this trip due to being with family and not following a budget).

IncomeAccommodationFood and SocialisingTravellingSaved
83,247,000₫13, 300, 000₫14,315,356₫19,000,00₫36,631,644₫

UP NEXT: February Plans

While Davids parents have returned home, we still have nearly a week left of our annual leave for Tet. We were thinking of staying here in Bali and exploring some different areas of the island. However the weather has taken a turn for the worst, raining all night and all day everyday – so we’ve taken the executive decision to return to sunnier skies (aka Vietnam) tonight and do some domestic adventuring instead.

When we return to work, David will be moving to a new English centre (still with the same company) to take on his new promotion as….Headteacher! This will be an exciting change of pace and I’m sure it will keep us busy for the rest of February. We’ll most likely be moving to working 5 days a week (and not necessarily the same days) which is unfortunate for travelling, but good for our savings considering we spent too much in January! If we manage to get a few days off together we’ll be sure to head on a little Vietnamese adventure, either to Vung Tao, Mui Ne or Dalat! In the meantime, we just have to make the most of our last week off work!

Stay tuned to see what we get up to in February! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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