I keep telling myself that February is a short month and that’s why it feels like this year is flying away. But seriously, are we already in March? February was a super busy month for us, not on the travelling front but we have had lots going on at home in Ho Chi Minh City (so of course this is my excuse for the delay in posting this monthly round-up and every other blog I had hoped to publish this month).

If you caught our January round-up then you’ll have been aware that we ended last month deciding to return to sunny Vietnam earlier than planned from our Bali travels (complete with overpriced flights and a night sleeping on the floor of KL airport). We had been envisaging doing some internal travel over the final weekend of our Tet holiday but we ended up staying put in Ho Chi Minh and just relaxing for a few days. It was actually really lovely coming back to Saigon and we definitely felt ourselves slip into the comfort of being home again.

Upon returning to work after our holiday, David started his new position as a headteacher for our company so he’s been busy learning and adapting to the role (however I must say he’s doing super well despite inheriting some issues from the previous management). So that was the first big thing which happened during February.

The next big change that’s been happening this month is the moving of house! We’ve got together with a group of friends who we met through work and are moving into a beautiful big villa with a pool and tennis courts. We are all so in love with it and can’t wait to settle into life there. I can no longer contest that my life isn’t just a big holiday, damn.

As a nice little bonus, its actually turned out cheaper for me and David to live there than in our current studio so this means more savings. As the location is a bit further our of town we have decided to finally bite the bullet and learn to ride motorbikes to make travelling around the city easier. Stay posted to see how this goes down – like literally. I will probably fall down, A LOT!

I haven’t really had a lot of time to work on the blog, but I have changed up some design things which were bugging me and I’m working on creating a new section of Wanderlists, basically bucketlists for destinations to provide some planning guidance and make sure you don’t miss out on anything amazing! Singapore and Vietnam lists coming soon!


As we haven’t been travelling this month we’ve not spent as much money, which nicely makes up for our Bali and Singapore splurge last month! We didn’t do any overtime this month so pay is slightly lower than last months and unfortunately David has been having some eye issues this month so we’ve had some little medical bills to pay too.

February – this is our income from both of our teaching positions in Ho Chi Minh City, but it doesn’t include Davids headteacher pay rise which won’t come into place until March.

IncomeAccommodationSocialising and FoodTravellingMedical expensesSaved

UP NEXT: March Plans

This month is super exciting and I can’t wait to see what it brings for us. First up is moving into our new villa (eek!) and hopefully having a house warming/pool party.

Next up will be my mum and gran arriving for their two week Asian adventure! We are off to the North with them for the first time. We’ll be trading our swimmers and shorts in for jeans and cosy jumpers as we explore the old quarter of Hanoi. We are then jumping on a bus and heading off to cruise through the beautiful UNESCO heritage site of Ha Long Bay. We’ll be spending two nights aboard our cruiser which will be a first for us! Me and David are then rushing back to Saigon to work for a few days, before I head off on a girlie couple of days with my mum and gran in the quaint Hoi An, where we will hopefully indulge in some tailor made clothes, massages and relaxing in the winding streets. My mum and gran are then spending a few days in Ho Chi Minh City before jetting off on the last leg of their travels to Bangkok, Thailand.

Shortly after they leave I will be joining David in the scary headteacher world as I take on an promotion at work. Which means a pay rise too which will boost our growing travel fund!

Stay tuned to see our Northern Vietnamese adventure and all about the new villa! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebookand Instagram!


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  1. It definitely sounds like a very eventful February for you. How exciting! you’re moving into a new home! It’s funny how Vietnam actually feels like home for you now.

  2. Amy says: Reply

    Hi Guys, wow, amazing news about the promotions, congrats! It’s really interesting to see a break down of your saving/living costs and your new house sounds amazing, hope to see lots of pics! Good luck with the bike, when we were back in Hanoi for a visit recently I could not believe that Andrew used to so nonchalantly drive around the city on a scooter, it’s scary stuff!

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