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  • HOI AN | Guide and Budget

    Oh Hoi An. What a charmer. We instantly fell in love with this ancient city! Hoi An is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque towns in Vietnam, where you can catch a glimpse into traditional Vietnam. Originally a bustling and wealthy port town, Hoi An has transitioned into a vibrant tourist hub. No, literally – the houses […]

  • Photo Diary

    Singapore, a city state with a revolutionary approach to urban development. Gardens by the Bay is parts of a government strategy to improve Singaporean quality of life by creating more green spaces. Singapore’s unique aim to create a “city within a garden” rather than a “garden within a city” is what makes the project stand out. While the main intention […]

  • Malaysia
  • KUALA LUMPUR | Guide and Budget

    Our recent trip to Malaysia was our first taste of international travel since moving to Vietnam (thanks to our residency cards finally arriving). With 5 days to start exploring Malaysia we decided to localise our adventure to Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur, and the nearby UNESCO Heritage city of Melaka. We were like giddy children getting […]

  • Personal

    It’s good news, we promise. When we first accepted our jobs here in HCMC we were contracted to work 24hrs over 6 days a week. However over the past month the company has started rolling out new contracts, which we are so excited about, and we signed up straight away! This new contracts entitle us to […]