September 2017

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September has been a strange month, with both ups and down for us. I almost feel like Vietnam has been throwing its worst at us to see how we cope ha! From bike breakdowns and floods, to broken phones (plus now a cracked iPad), and pet troubles both at home and here, its been pretty challenging. Well, we’ve made it to the end of the month in one piece, so I think we’ve won!

But there have definitely been exciting and positive parts to the month. I’ve finally kicked myself back into shape RE: blogging. Yeeeaaaah! It’s been a long time coming but I’m actually feeling more motivated than ever to start sharing things. I celebrated lots of small blogging wins this month, so despite not getting out of the city and travelling, September has been pretty good on that front.

So what happened during September at So The Adventure Begins? Let us fill you in.

Work has calmed down

First success of the month is that work has eased off, as hoped, since starting the new semester. Seriously, it’s about time. I mean we are still busy but only with what is expected as part of our roles. Unfortunately our plans of heading on a quick 2 day trip to Dalat had to be scratched when David was asked to train new recruits for our company, so we weren’t able to get out of the city and do any travelling this month. But, yay for more income!

Another monsoon flood

So, it’s actually been pretty nice here considering it’s monsoon season, but after a week of little rain the weather kicked back full force with some intense storms. Of course, we had another funny episode this month (though thankfully not as bad as the last time). Picture it – 1:30am on Sunday night, we’d been at a club on the backpacker street and while inside the rain was thundering down. It eased off so we dawned ponchos, remove our shoes and went off into the downpour. The street outside being flooded should have been a red flag, but it’s Vietnam and the motorway home should be fine, right?

Wrong! We got a third of the way home before we hit it. Thigh-high water for as far as we could see up the motorway. And its nearing 2am by this point. Being brave stupid we tried to drive through it. And then our engines cut-out. Cars were driving past creating tidal waves, which knocked our bikes over. Meanwhile, one of David’s flip-flops floats away. Thankfully some kind soul who was also stuck helped get my bike up onto the pavement (well, kind of as it was also submerged) which is when I shot this little video to show you. By this point we are completely drenched, wheeling our bikes barefoot through the muddy (shitty?) water. I managed to smack my bare toe off of a brick, causing it to throb. Once back on dry land we were able to get my bike going but Davids bike, which is pretty rubbish on a good day, was nowhere near being able to start. After some debating (read: arguing) I drove off home leaving David facing a 40 minute walk with his bike. Frustratingly my water damaged bike couldn’t get over 20km/hr. Though no complaints – it was better than walking with a swollen, purple and throbbing toe (by this point I was convinced I had broken it). As I finally turned off of the motorway into our neighbourhood, I noticed a poncho clad man, walking a bike barefoot up ahead. David? He had somehow managed to blag a push off of someone and made it home before me! Jammy bugger!!

It was one of those nights which just doesn’t seem real. We couldn’t help but just laugh it off. The next morning, Davids bike still wasn’t playing game, my toe was purple and still throbbing and my poor phone (which had been inside my bike when it knocked over) was completely goosed. Damn you water damage! So I had to take it to get repaired and hence we were a bit MIA.

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Furry friend disasters

Unfortunately we got news that David beloved dog, Smudge, passed away back at home. He was a truly great dog, and despite him ageing it was quite a shock to hear! It will certainly be strange going back at Christmas without taking him for walkies on the beach. It’s horrible being so far away from family when something like this happens (big cyber hugs just aren’t the same). As if this news wasn’t devastating enough, baby kitten Charles has disappeared here in Saigon. He was playing around the compound during a BBQ last weekend and hasn’t come back.. (its been 10 days+). We’re still hopefully that he will find his chubby way back to us for a cuddle.

Blogging wins in September

Onto some more positive updates from September – I somehow managed to publish 5 new articles *booty dance*, which is up 500% on the past few months where I shared absolutely ziltch (embarrassing, I know). Plus, I gave the site a bit of a spruce up: Check out our new About and Contact pages.

You can have a browse through our recent posts below if you haven’t already seen them:

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I’ve also managed to finish a few guest posts for some fellow lovely bloggers, which I will be sure to spam you with over on Facebook when they get published.

Social Gainzzz

I also worked on my social media a bit harder and was able to get our baby Facebook page up from 154 likes to 235 likes this month! Don’t like our page yet? Do it now! Do you have any friends interested in travelling in Asia or working in Vietnam? Send them an invite!

Along similar lines, I think its safe to say I’m over my 1000 mark on Instagram, so my new goal is to hit 2000 by Christmas. I think its reasonable. But breaking my phone and having no access to post anything this past few weeks hasn’t exactly helped my cause. Urg, the life of a klutz.

NEXT UP: October plans

We are hoping to make it out of Ho Chi Minh City for a little break during October. Seeing as we were unable to make it to Dalat this month, we have a week marked to head there in the middle of October! In the meantime we will be planning future travels, creating itinerary’s, lists and generally trying to figure out what we are going to do next year/where we will be.

What did you get up to during September? Any nice plans for October? Fill us in!


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  1. Izzy says: Reply

    Seriously so proud of you for getting back in the game! I missed all your lovely posts! And love the new header and content. Gosh, that video totally reminded me how much I hated monsoon season in Saigon. This summer in Boston has been abnormally warm but I will not complain about all these gorgeous sunshine I’ve been enjoying! I’ll be looking forward to more posting 😀

    1. francesFR says: Reply

      Thanks Izzy girl! Finally feel like I’m able to manage teaching and blogging together. This past month has been even worse for monsoon, maybe only 1 dry day a week 🙁 so much worse than last year! Haha don’t jinx it, next thing you know you’ll be wading through snow!

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