3 day road trip in the Mekong Delta Vietnam

With a couple of days off work, we decided to pack up the motorbike and head off for a road trip in the Mekong Delta, south of Saigon. What awaited us on this last-minute road trip was a very pleasant surprise; think boats drifting through floating forests, lily pads and floating markets. If you’re looking for a nature escape from Saigon, add this road trip to your bucketlist. Here is the itinerary of our 3 day road trip through the Mekong Delta, including things to do and places to stay.

3 day road trip in the Mekong Delta

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3 Day Road Trip in the Mekong

The Mekong Delta is one of the most underrated, but also overrated places to explore in Vietnam. It’s a popular place for backpackers to do an overnight trip, mostly to see the Cai Rang Floating Market, but the Delta has a lot more to offer when you scratch below the surface of the tourist hotspots. It’s the perfect place to escape Saigon for a couple of days, and even longer if you have time.

Day 1: Saigon to Tan Lap Floating Village

Starting with an early rise, we hit the road and drove southwest out of Saigon towards Tan Lap floating village. Tan Lap is a nature reserve just outside the small town of Kien Tuong, on the border with Cambodia. Getting here was pretty straight forward and after a stint on the highway, we found ourselves driving along forest-lined country roads. We arrived in Kien Tuong at lunchtime and grabbed some street food before heading to Tan Lap.

Tan Lap Floating Village

My expectations for Tan Lap were non-existent, having done next to no research, so it was a very pleasant surprise to discover that tickets into the eco-park include a motorboat tour of the large canals, followed by a traditional boat ride through the small canals as well as access to the floating boardwalks.

The highlight was definitely the paddle boat tour of the canals. Overhung with trees and vines, this was exactly the view of the Mekong that I envisaged.

📍 Tan Lap Floating Village (Làng Nổi Tân Lập – Long An)
💰 130k per person + smalls for parking
⏰ 1-2hrs

3 Day Road Trip in the Mekong Delta Tan Lap floating villageAfter a relaxing afternoon exploring Tan Lap, we headed back into Kien Tuong town to find accommodation for the night. Now, let me warn you: there are next to no hotels in this town. An unyielding search online resulted in us driving around the streets searching for hotel signage, finally stumbling upon a pay-hourly hotel. It was approaching 7pm by this point and with no other options on the horizon, we accepted that we would have to sleep here. If you aren’t familiar with pay hourly hotels, then they are more-or-less hooker hotels and as such, not a very pleasant experience. There is a hotel located within the complex at Tan Lap* and I would propose this as a better option than the “hotel” we stayed at.

Day 2: Vinh Long via Sa Dec

We woke up early after our less than comfortable, though admittedly interesting, hotel experience in Kien Tuong and jumped onto the bike for another day of driving and exploring. Our goal was to sleep in Vinh Long, stopping at as many sites as possible on the way.

Xẻo Quýt Nature Reserve

The first stop was “khu di tích xẻo quýt”, a nature reserve on the way from Kien Tuong to Sa Dec town. As with the nature reserve yesterday, we had no expectations or idea what to expect here, so were pleasantly surprised by the lilypad ponds, with wooden walkways through them. The site didn’t have as much to offer as Tan Lap but was worth visiting and breaking up our trip to Sa Dec.

3 Day Road Trip in the Mekong Delta nature park

📍 Xẻo Quýt Nature Reserve (Khu Di Tích Xẻo Quýt – Ấp 4, Cao Lanh, Đồng Tháp)
💰 10k per person (extra if you wish to take a boat ride, but they weren’t on offer when we visited).
⏰ 1hr

Another place that you could stop at is Nông trại Ông Bà Tư, a Lotus farm where during season (June time) there are field of lotus flowers that you can get up close to, as well as fields of lush green rice that go on as far as the eye can see. We didn’t stop here on this trip but did on our 10 day road trip through the Mekong Delta.

Sa Dec Flower Village

After the nature reserve, we headed back on the motorbike for the short drive south to Sa Dec. We stopped off at “Nhà Hàng Kim Trang” restaurant for lunch, where you sit in cute cabins overlooking a (man-made) lake. The skies started to turn after lunch so we made a quick dash to explore the flower village, the main reason for our pitstop in Sa Dec.

Sa Dec flower village Mekong Delta Vietnam

📍Làng Hoa Sa Đéc (Đường Hoa Sa Đéc, Tân Qúy Đông, Sa Đéc)
💰 free
⏰ 30mins

At Sa Dec flower village you will find hundreds of flower farms, with rows upon rows of floating flowers. It seems that this village is mostly for people coming to buy flowers and other plants, but it was really interesting to see how the farmers tend to their rows of floating flowers via boats. Unfortunately for us, it was at this point that the skies took a turn for the worst and we had to dash to the safety of a nearby coffee shop to wait out the monsoon downpour.

Stay in An Binh, Vinh Long

Still intent on our plan to stay in Vinh Long, we grabbed some ponchos and hit the highway, trying our best not to skid out in the dark, monsoon rain. We booked to stay at Mekong Riverside Homestay* on An Binh island just across the Mekong river from Vinh Long city. To get to the island you take the local ferry, which would be a really cool experience (similar to the ferry to Can Gio) if it weren’t for the torrential downpour we found ourselves in. An Binh island is covered in lush greeny, making it a great place to explore Vinh Long while also relaxing in nature. Unfortunately, the rain put a damper on our evening and we decided to unwind at the homestay, but we did come back to explore Vinh Long more on our next road trip.

Day 3: Saigon via Cai Be Floating Market

We set off really early on our final morning, with the hopes of making it to the Cai Be floating market on our route back to Saigon. Cai Be floating market is like the little sister to the more commonly visited Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho.

Cai Be Floating market

Arriving at around 7:30am, the market had already died down, so we didn’t venture out on a small boat to see it up close. Instead, we pulled over on the bridge and watched the remaining boats selling from above.

📍Cai Be Floating Market
⏰ 6am

Chi Be floating market Mekong Delta VietnamThere are a number of boat pick up spots on Google maps where you can head to jump onto a small boat to get up close to the action. I would recommend coming around 6am to see the market in full swing as, just like at Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho, the market is closed by around 7:30am.

From Cai Rang, we headed down the Mekong, stopping at My Tho for lunch before heading back to Saigon (unfortunately I had to work that evening).

Motorbike Route

This is the route we drove on our 3 day road trip in the Mekong, stopping at Tan Lap floating village, Sa Dec and Vinh Long, making a loop back to Saigon via My Tho.

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