About So The Adventure Begins

Who is So The Adventure Begins?

Hey there! I am Frances, a Scottish lassie turned Vietnam expat circa 2016. I am the creator of So The Adventure Begins!

I caught my first serious case of the travel bug after my first trip to Asia in 2014, and became both smitten with the region and the prospect of creating a life where travel was more obtainable. So, after a little bit of research I completed a TEFL course, bought a plane ticket and the rest is history! And here I am, still living in Ho Chi Minh City two years after taking that initial leap! Over the past two years I’ve been able to travel to some beautiful and eyeopening places, experience new cultures and be awed at the diversity of Vietnam and our little blue planet.

Unfortunately as the travel bug grows, so does my bucketlist leaving me wanting to continue with this crazy life of adventure for as long as possible!

To bring you up to date – in June 2018 I said farewell to teaching English in order to pursue a giant bucketlist tick of motorbiking the length of Vietnam (on none less than my own vintage motorbike). After a summer of adventuring around Vietnam I’m back in my adopted home of Saigon to spend my third year abroad doing something new: teaching science, not English!

Why did I create So The Adventure Begins?

So The Adventure Begins was born into being when I was on the cusp of adventuring to Vietnam (hence its namesake). Originally, it was meant to be a space for sharing the adventures of living in Vietnam with those back home (read: reassuring them I was staying safe and having fun). However when I first moved and started teaching I found myself with more free time than expected and in need of a creative outlet – and so the blog became a burning passion project!

What you will find here

This little slice of the internet is all about sharing information with you, focusing mostly on how I’ve created a life for myself in Vietnam teaching English, or talking about motorbiking in Vietnam (cannot recommend the iconic Saigon to Hanoi road trip enough!) interspersed with my other trips around SE Asia.

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Get to know me!

Ice tea is my drink of preference. Peach tea used to be the bees-knees but recently lychee is creeping in. I’m so exotic, right?

I have had a fascination with ancient history since a child (Egypt is my pinnacle travel destination). Many of my top bucketlist destinations involve UNSECO sites and both natural and man-made Wonders of the World.

I was born and raised in the Scottish capital Edinburgh. I can attest that it is basically the MOST beautiful city you will EVER visit. Scratch that, Scotland in general is the most beautiful country. You must go! Now: GO GO GO.

I am a lister. List of everything. Lists lists lists. Pros/cons/to-do/top tens…I just love to be really organised (but somehow travelling without a certain plan can be okay too). So it isn’t really surprising that you’ll end up seeing a lot of lists on here too.

We should work together!

Do you have a project that you think we can collaborate on? Maybe you have a product or destination you think I should share with my readers? Or maybe you simply have a question you’d like to pick my brain about? Get in touch – head over to the Contact page to send me an email! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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