Hey! Hi! Xin Chao! I am Frances: a Scottish lassie turned Vietnam expat circa 2016. And the creator of this space.

I’m another one of the millions hit by a cliche case of the travel bug, but I am one of the few who took that travel fever and went all in;

✅ I completed my TEFL before I even graduated from university.
✅ I secured my first teaching job before I had even set foot in Vietnam.

And well, I’ve since learned that those risks pay off. Big time. 5 years later and I’m still educating the future of Vietnam, using Saigon as a launchpad to explore Asia. Sorry mum and dad, I don’t think I’ll be returning home anytime soon.

So The Adventure Begins is my creative baby; my digital memory book if you will. A place to share life’s adventures. I believe that sharing-is-caring and with that spirit pledge to use this space to pen my experiences and knowledge from moving to and living in Vietnam, motorbiking solo and teaching abroad in the hopes that you find it valuable. And of course, to share stories and tips from my travels across Asia.

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5 years in Vietnam

Shortly after graduating in 2016, I made a beeline for Vietnam with little more than a feeling it was going to be somewhere I would love living. Boy am I’m glad I followed that gut intuition. Life has morphed a lot over the years, with my share of life’s rollercoaster highs and lows. We’re talking heartbreak and job changes, motorbike crashes and missed flights. But I’ve also forged what I know are lifelong friendships, gained confidence by the bucketload and discovered my own recipe for happiness (read: sunshine, peach teas and motorbike trips). Here are some milestones to check out:


I’m honestly not sure how, but I’ve been featured in the Vietnamese media a few times (#vietnam). Maybe it’s cool, maybe it’s not – you decide!

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Featured articles

Over the years I’ve written for/and been featured on a number of other blogs and podcasts. Here are some of the most recent features.

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