April and May 2017

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As predicted in our March round-up, April was a pretty quiet one for us. But that’s not to say we weren’t busy – and unfortunately, life got in the way of blogging (..again). Sorry! And then suddenly May was speeding past us and somehow we find ourselves in.. June?! Just stop it 2017?!

So with our absence from blogging you might be wondering what we’ve been upto during the past few busy months? Here’s a little round up of April and May for you to sink your teeth into.


The start of April was pretty boring. We settled back into teaching post-visit from my family in March, and powered through writing mid-term reports for all our students. Unfortunately this meant writing around 100 reports… not an easy feat!

Waterfall Hunting

Having got our motorbike riding skills down, I managed to convince David that it was time for a road trip. So, we packed our daypacks and venture out of the city in search of an escape into nature, whatever form that may be. We decided to go in search of Suối Đá waterfall, which came onto our radar via a list of places to hike near Ho Chi Minh City from The Wander Walkers.

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We managed to find the site without much difficulty but after the two hour bike ride (ouchie bums) and hiking in the sweltering sun, we were dismayed to find that the waterfall was all but dried up! It was our own fault for not figuring that dry season would equal no waterfall. Duh. Alas, it was a beautiful place and we could only image how much fun it would be to come back when the rains start.

We managed to rearrange our plans a little bit and still made the most out our day trip – I’ll share the rest of the story with you soon (I hope).

A Southern Vietnamese Road Trip

The final weekend of the month was a long weekend for all in Vietnam, giving us a lovely three and a half days off together! Unfortunately, we left it too late to plan anything affordable so decided to try another road trip, making some adjustments from our first road trip experience! We decided to ride north, up the Vietnamese coast. The first night we spent in the beachside town of Vung Tau, from where we continued up the coastal roads to some smaller Vietnamese towns.

so the adventure begins travel blog living in Vietnam Saigon ho chi Minh city hcmc vung tau beach town motorbike road trip

Shock, we didn’t book any accommodation figuring we’d find something along the way, but as time wore on we decided we’d had enough driving and decided to check-in at a resort instead. I know, I know – we are awful at slumming it. We are going to have so many budget struggles when we start doing some long term travels haha! So, we spent the last day of our trip worshiping the sun and lazing in the pool and honestly, it was amazing.

so the adventure begins travel blog living in Vietnam Saigon ho chi Minh city hcmc motorbike road trip vung tau beach selfie couple

Following our two successful motorbike trips, we’re feeling pretty accomplished. The roads certainly weren’t as bad as expected – though the pollution was pretty awful in some spots. We’ve since updated our motorbike kit and I’m sure we’ll be off on some more motorbike adventures later in the year! But for now, our bums need a serious break.

And that was about it for April, there wasn’t an awful lot happening but it was a welcome change for us to have some chilled time between working lots.


Oh May, you were quite the opposite of quiet April. For those that don’t keep up to date with us on Instagram, you’ll have missed some exciting travels – We went home for a two week visit to Scotland!

The first two weeks of May were, quite frankly, hectic. We had to prepare materials and handovers for all of our classes while we were away galavanting in the UK. On top of that we had to cram all of our head teacher duties into the first two weeks, which was another challenge. As a result we ended up spending full days, every day for the whole week before departure in work. On top of that I somehow managed to break our laptop doing a routine update (one of the main reasons why I didn’t get to post our April round-up).


Regardless, we made it to the airport and started the 24 hour journey home! First stop was London. We caught up with some of Davids family, before heading to meet some of our Stirling besties who have relocated to London. Nights with these guys are always filled with funny stories and ridiculous board games. Spending our first night back with them was the perfect welcome to the UK.

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We were able to squeeze in a spot of touristing, before a family dinner and then a night bus up to Scotland. (I know, our previous experience with Megabus clearly hasn’t scared us off of saving a few bucks).


HOME!! Utterly delightful. Being back in Scotland was refreshing, familiar and action packed as we tried our best to cram in seeing everyone and doing everything we possibly could. We had dinner, lunch and coffee catch ups with friends and family. We visited beaches, hiked and explored our home cities some.

so the adventure begins travel blog living in Vietnam Edinburgh Scotland canton hill skyline viewpoint

Circus Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland So The Adventure Begins travel blog

And then somehow our 11 days in Scotland was over. We didn’t get to see everyone we hoped (or as much as we hoped), and we didn’t get to do some of our favourite things. But we did get to spend lots of valuable time with our immediate families, doing equal measures of fun days out and chilled time at home. Finally, we rounded off our trip with a friends beautiful wedding – the real reason for our trip back to Scotland.

We joked in the airport about the deja vu, and how different it felt retaking the voyage to Vietnam we first did 9 months ago but without the nerves and anxiety about what awaited us. It was replaced by a twinge of fear at how much worse homesickness would hit us now we’ve had a taste of home. Only time will tell, but for now its nice to be back in our own bed, spending time with our lovely flatmates and enjoying all things Vietnam.


We have no plans for June! Which is kinda refreshing, as it’ll give us time to settle back into work and focus on just enjoying being at home in Saigon. Our work schedules have now pretty much become fixed though, which means that we can start planning some trips for over the summer!

What did you get upto in April and May? Anything exciting planned for the start of summer? I think we need to take some chill time before taking on any more exciting travels!

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