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Travelling in Asia is a truly thrilling experience – a series of different cultures to unlock, street food to try, and scenery to WOW you. Packing for south east Asia however, isn’t quite so thrilling. Between the toasty temperatures, sweat-educing humidity and high potential for monsoon downpours, there are a lot of factors to consider when packing a wardrobe to explore Asia – especially for us girls who want to remain modest yet fashionable. But ladies, Kosan Travel Co. have come to the rescue with their functional, yet fashionable and thoughtfully designed Kosan Go Dress!

The Kosan Go Dress

What is the Kosan Go Dress?

When Kosan Travel Co. sent me their most recent masterpiece to try out, I knew I was about to add a new travel must have to my wardrobe. Hindsight is a bugger, but I know I would have worn this dress to death had I got it in time for my motorbike trip through Vietnam. The Kosan Go Dress has features designed perfectly for life and travel in Asia, which isn’t surprising as it was while the founders were backpacking in Asia that they realised the market was missing a fashionable multifunctional dress!

Disclaimer: Kosan Travel Co. sent me the Kosan Go Dress for review. All opinions are my own and I honestly think this dress will become a wardrobe staple of mine.

What Makes the Kosan Go Dress the Best Dress for Asia Travel?

Making a dress that can keep up with travel in Asia is quite a feat. If you’ve been to Asia before then you’ll be familiar with the fast-pace of backpacking, the heat and humidity, the likelihood for last minute adventures and mostly importantly the need for clothes that can be re-worn and styled multiple ways. Then add in being a girl and wanting to remain reasonably fashionable while on the road, and you’ve got a packing dilemma. Well, not any more.

Special fabric to withstand Asian weather

Made from a similar material to yoga pants, the Kosan Go Dress is designed to deal with the stress of travel in Asia. This specially selected fabric is perfect for withstanding the crazy and temperamental weather of Asia:

  • It is fast-drying – so getting stuck in a monsoon downpours won’t leave a damper on your day.
  • It is moisture-wicking to reduce sweat and avoid getting those unsightly sweat marks that seem unavoidable in Asias humid climate.
  • It is also anti-odour so as well as having no sweat marks, there will be no sweaty smells following you around while you’re out adventuring. Plus this opens you up to being able to wear the Kosan Go Dress multiple days without it being obvious that you didn’t have time to do laundry!
  • The fabric is anti-wrinkle, lightweight and folds compact, making it carefree and easy to pack.

best travel dress for asia kosan go dress packing for Vietnam features

4 hidden pockets (with zips)

Girls, you’ll understand me. Finding a dress this cute and wearable WITH POCKETS? Literally impossible. So you’ll be over-the-moon to discover that Kosan Go Dress has not 1, not 2, BUT 4 hidden pockets! There are two “boob-pockets” which are ideal for stashing your travel pennies and banks cards, and two regular pockets on each side, large enough to fit your mobile phone and passport.

Pockets are so handy around Asia, where carrying anything can make you a target for theft. For added security the pocket of the Kosan Go Dress come with zips to avoid pick-pocketing. Plus, I don’t know about you, but there is something so liberating about being able to go out without a bag.

Flattering and fashionable design

I challenge you to find a brand that is showcasing wrap style dresses! They’re right in the forefront of summer wear right now, so it’s a revelation to find a travel dress that is also in line with current fashions. Wrap style is flattering on all body shapes and sizes, and the 4 way stretch of the fabric means that it should nicely  regardless of your body type.

It also features a cut out segment on the back, to make it more breathable.

Adjustable length

One of the most revolutionary features of the Kosan Go Dress is its adjustable length. You can change the length from below the knee to above the knee with ease using the poppers – you don’t even need to take it off of find a bathroom to do this! The fabric has been cut carefully so that is hangs in a flattering way regardless of the length you select.

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Where to get your own Kosan Go Dress

Kosan Travel Co. recently finished up a killer Kickstarter campaign and are still taking pre-orders now. Psst: Pre-order get a cheeky little 15% off too! Go Go Go!

I’m so excited to add my Kosan Travel Co. to my travel wardrobe. I can already tell its going to be a go-to dress!

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