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Trying to pick where to stay in Kampot? The riverside bungalows at Eden Ecovillage in Kampot might be the return to nature you need to reset during your travels in Cambodia!

Tucked into the riverside jungles of Kampot, is the blissful resort of Eden Ecovillage. With a focus on respecting the environment, the whole resort emits a sense of calm. The riverfront bungalows, free kayaking, and amazing vegan-friendly menu make Eden Ecovillage a haven for travellers to unwind during their busy trip to Cambodia. Here is what we loved about our stay at Eden Ecovillage in Kampot, and why you might want to include it in your Cambodia itinerary!

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Where is Eden Ecovillage

Eden ecovillage is located in a local Cham village 5km outside of Kampot town. Along with providing the countryside calm that makes Eden so special, the resort provides jobs for the village; they make you aware of this when booking as some of the staff cannot speak English so you will likely be communicating mostly with the manager.

The village gives you a glimpse into countryside life in Cambodia, with dusty dirt roads, traditional cham houses and friendly locals. During your stay, grab one of the free bicycles and take a ride to explore it!

Things to Love about Eden Ecovillage Resort

A stay at Eden Ecovillage will have you feeling a million miles from the chaotic bustle of Cambodia’s cities. The highlights for me were the cute riverside bungalows, free kayaks and amazing food.

Rustic eco-friendly riverside bungalows

Switch hotel rooms and hostel beds for your own private bungalow at Eden Ecovillage! The bamboo bungalows are rustic, with wooden terraces that overhang the river and huge doors that fold back to reveal a view across the river and into the mountains. We actually slept with the doors open, shrouded by the mosquito net so we could watch the stars from bed. Heavenly. The next morning we hopped straight out of bed and into the river for a swim; the perfect wake-up!

eden ecovillage resort kampot cambodia where to stay riverfront bungalows

In keeping with the eco-friendly mission, the rooms have solar panels on the roof to power the lights and fan, though we found the solar panels were also able to charge all our electronics during the night. If it hasn’t been sunny, they might not be powerful enough, but there are charging stations in the communal area you can use.

The ensuite bathrooms are liquid only, a concept I’d never heard about before (basically there is a compost bathroom outside for other toilet needs). The showers are cold, but after a day under in the Cambodian heat that was all we needed to feel refreshed.

Healthy food to fuel your soul

The onsite restaurant serves some of the tastiest food you’ll find in Cambodia. Every meal they have a daily set menu, or you can order specific items. Made with organic ingredients and with a vegan menu, everything is healthy and natural which just feels right considering the countryside setting.

vegan food eden ecovillage resort kampot cambodia where to stay

They have both Khmer and Western dishes, so there’s something for everyone! Eat in the cafe, or order food to your bungalow, where you can sit on your secluded terrace to eat. Or just take a cocktail back to your room to watch the sunset from your terrace; bliss.

You won’t be able to buy a bottle of water here, instead bring your own and use their free water refills to top up your bottle.

Free kayaks to explore the riverside

Another perk of staying at Eden Ecovillage in Kampot is the free kayaks for guests. Watersports are one of the best things to do in Kampot with kayak rental averaging $5 for a couple of hours. Make use of the free kayaks and you’ll stick to the budget here!

You can paddle around the main river, where the resort is located, or take a trip into the nearby green cathedral loop; a beautiful offshoot of the main river where you can glide through the dense mangrove forest.

✍️ My Top 7 Things to do in Kampot guide shares how to find the Green Cathedral for kayaking (coming soon).

eden ecovillage resort kampot cambodia where to stay

In addition to free kayaks, they have free daily yoga classes in the studio above the restaurant, where you’ll be treated to a workout with their resident yoga instructor and views of the countryside. They also have free bicycle rentals for riding into Kampot town or exploring the village.

Planning your Stay at Eden EcoVillage

There are three room options at Eden Ecovillage, all with the same facilities but slightly different locations and sizes.

➡️ Riverfront bungalows for $23*
➡️ Delux riverfront bungalows for $27* (this is where we stayed)
➡️ Stilt house bungalows for $15* (located behind the riverfront bungalows, they have a similar view but no riverfront access)

*prices vary slightly depending on the time of year

We booked our stay at Eden Ecovillage Resort through As we use for all our accommodation bookings, we’ve unlocked up to 30% discount on accommodation in every destination we travel to. This means we got to stay at Eden Ecovillage for $18 instead of the regular $23. Try it out as you get more discounts the more reservations you make!

Book your stay at Eden Ecovillage Resort here*

How to find Eden Ecovillage in Kampot

Eden Ecovillage is located about 5km outside of Kampot, so you will need to rent a tuk-tuk to take you there. From the town, it costs $5 in a tuk-tuk and you can hail a ride using the PassApp. You can see the location on Google Map, but there isn’t a formal address; all the tuk-tuk drivers know where Eden is though.

🛺 $5 from Kampot

For more information on planning your trip to Cambodia, check out my Ultimate Guide to Cambodia (coming soon).

Eden Ecovillage resort is one of the most ecofriendly places I’ve ever stayed and they really encourage you to be as cautious of your consumption as possible. That said, it does mean that it’s lacking some of the comforts we are accustomed to, like air conditioning and powerful hot showers. If you need these luxuries, maybe this isn’t the spot for you.

If you choose to stay elsewhere, you can come and enjoy the tranquillity of Eden by eating at the restaurant or joining the daily yoga class for $5.

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where to stay eden ecovillage kampot cambodia
where to stay eden ecovillage resort kampot cambodia

Planning a Trip to Cambodia

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