how to find a teaching english job in Vietnam

Interested in finding a teaching English job in Vietnam? This guide has you covered, including job requirements, creating a teaching CV, where to find and apply for teaching jobs and as well as reputable companies to apply to.

The stunning scenery, rich culture and tropical weather have led Vietnam to be one of the most desirable places to teach English. It’s also one of the most profitable places to teach in Asia, with an affordable yet high standard of living and decent salaries on offer. But how to find a teaching English job in Vietnam? This guide is the culmination of more than 6 years of experience teaching in Vietnam and shares everything you need to know to help you land a lucrative job teaching in Vietnam.

Requirements for Teaching English in Vietnam

There are 4 general requirements for teaching in Vietnam; every employer will ask for proof that you meet these requirements during the interview stage so it’s a good idea to have the documents prepared before you start applying for jobs.

The requirements for teaching English in Vietnam are:

✅ Must be a native speaker, or be native-level
✅ Need a TEFL / CELTA or equivalent
✅ Hold a bachelor’s university degree
✅ Have a clean criminal background check from your home country (or from the last country of residence)

Experience teaching, while preferred, is not essential for finding a job teaching English in Vietnam. Most language centres offer training and developmental support.

These documents are needed to apply for a work permit. You will also need to get the documents notarized, however, the process for doing this varies based on your nationality.

✍️ This guide shares how to notarize these documents for British citizens

how to find a teaching english job in vietnam guide

Missing one of the requirements?

You can still find work in Vietnam without all the requirements but the jobs on offer are likely not as reputable or high-salaried. If you are missing one of the requirements then you will likely need to compensate for this within the other requirements.

Non-native English speaker

Often, it is preferred for non-native English teachers to have a degree in English or a CELTA to prove proficiency. Despite being fully qualified, weak passports can sometimes make it challenging for non-native teachers to find work in Vietnam due to visa and work permit complications.

No bachelors degree

If you don’t have a degree, I recommend getting a CELTA to further your chances of finding a decent teaching position. It is possible but will often require a CELTA and years of experience to bypass the degree requirement for the work permit.

No TEFL qualification

You will be most challenged to find a teaching position in Vietnam without a TEFL certification and I do not recommend starting your job search without one. If you’re already in Vietnam check out Ninja Teacher, a Saigon-based TEFL school that offers both online* and in-person TEFL courses*.

✍️ Course Review
✍️ Tips for Picking a TEFL course

Create a teaching CV

As with any profession, you need to make sure you showcase your skills to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to create a teaching CV.

Some things to make sure you include in your ESL teaching resume are:

➡️ A professional profile photo
➡️ Nationality
➡️ Contact information like Skype handle as well as email and/or phone number
➡️ Details of your TEFL certification and criminal background results
➡️ Any relevant teaching experience (could be training/mentoring, public speaking, or interaction with non-native English speakers).
➡️ Current location and ideal start date

how to find a teaching english job in Vietnam

Where to find a teaching English job in Vietnam?

There are many different avenues that employers recruit through so it’s a good idea to check out the different roles being advertised across all platforms from job sites to LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

ESL teaching job sites like Teast are the perfect place to start your job hunt. On Teast, you can browse job listings from across Vietnam, making it perfect for comparing the companies that are recruiting and the salaries being offered.

Other job sites that are useful for finding teaching jobs in Vietnam include Daves ESL Cafe and Vietnam Teaching Jobs.

Facebook groups for teaching jobs in Vietnam

Facebook groups are a valuable tool for job hunting in Vietnam so it might pay to make your account private and spruce up your profile picture. Doing a quick Facebook search for “teaching jobs in __” will point you in the right direction for finding some of these groups.

These are some of the Facebook groups for finding an ESL job in Vietnam/HCMC:

➡️ Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) ESL Teaching Jobs
➡️ Jobs for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City
➡️ ESL Teachers In Vietnam
➡️ Vietnam Teaching Jobs
➡️ ESL Teaching in Vietnam

TEFL company recruitment sites

Many online TEFL providers have an international job site that might have some Vietnam job postings so it’s worth checking the job site from the TEFL company you studied with.

Ninja Teacher, a Vietnam-based TEFL school, offers full support in securing a job in Vietnam as part of the course which is perfect if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of doing it on your own. Check out their courses here*.

ESL companies to apply to in Vietnam

There are different types of teaching English jobs on offer in Vietnam, the two most popular being in language centers and public schools. It’s a good idea to apply for a range of different types of jobs so you can compare them before accepting any offer.

This list is by no means exhaustive but gives you some reputable companies to apply to:

➡️ VUS (language centre with children and adult classes)
➡️ ILA (language centre with children and adult classes)
➡️ Wall Street English (adult classes)
➡️ EMG Education (public school class in Science, Maths and English)
➡️ Compass Education (public school classes)

teaching science and maths in Vietnam complete guide ESL

FAQ about finding a job in Vietnam

These are some of the questions I’m asked often about finding teaching jobs in Vietnam; be sure to let me know any other questions you have in the comments!

Do I need to be in Vietnam to find a teaching job?

You do not need to be in Vietnam to find a teaching English job. It’s sometimes better if you are not so you can arrive on a business visa rather than a tourist visa. Interviews are often done over Skype in the ESL world so this is possible.

There are benefits to applying from within Vietnam too. For example, some companies/recruiters are perhaps not willing to take the risk that you’ll book your flights if there is a suitable alternative already in the country. Also, jobs tend to get snapped up quickly and often with a short period before the start date, which could be another perk to being in the country when interviewing.

How far in advance do I need to start looking for a teaching job?

Teaching positions in Vietnam, especially in popular places to live like Hanoi, HCMC and Da Nang, tend to get snapped up quickly and often with a short period before the start date. Therefore, I don’t recommend looking for work until about 1 month before you plan to move to Vietnam.

An exception to this is if you are an international school teacher, in which case positions can be secured up to 6 months before the start of term.

When is the best time of year to find a teaching English job?

The biggest recruitment periods are over the summer and winter, to coincide with the start of the semesters at public and international schools.

Most language centres operate year-round without a break, meaning that time of year won’t affect your ability to find work at a language centre. Winter is a common time for ESL teachers to leave so there is a need to fill positions at this time of year also.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to get started on your job search and find a job teaching English in Vietnam. Let me know if you have any more questions or need further guidance and I’ll try to help you as best I can!

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