The Adventure Has Begun – Our first week in Vietnam

I can’t believe that this time last week we jetted off to start our teaching English adventure in Vietnam. Having spent the last 10 days living apart with our families, awkwardly arranged the last minute details of our trip from different cities, it was exciting to reunite at the airport for a final goodbye! With a nervous excitement about heading into the unknown, we managed to say “tata-for-now” to our nearest and dearest, and head off through security! From there we headed straight to the champagne bar to celebrate the occasion (though we secretly both know that it was really just a way to stifle the nerves).

With a rushed stop-over in Dublin, we headed on towards Abu Dhabi – an airport I remember thinking at the time was extremely well organised. That was until we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to discover our luggage hadn’t made the last leg the journey with us! Not the smooth start we were hoping for. Especially not when combined with the lack of clothing in our hand luggage. While David was fortunate enough to have multiple pairs of shorts and shirts in his hand luggage, I was not, having to suffer our first three days in Ho Chi Minh’s humid 30+ yep. Jeans. It was however a good exercise in adjusting quickly to our new climate.

With our rocky introduction to Vietnam aside, our first week has been a massive success. We regained our backpacks, set up new phone numbers, arranged flat viewings/moved into a brilliant studio in the centre of the city, and started training at our language centre! And that just the admin-y side of moving country.

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On top of all of this we’ve spent the week trying to overcome the jet-lag and adjust to our new lives in Vietnam’s biggest city. This has involved figuring out how to cross the street (we’re still alive so claiming successful), dealing with walking to work in the heat and humidity every morning, attempting to understand Vietnamese money (we are multimillionaires), attempting basic Vietnamese phrases (hopefully someone will confirm whether we’re talking gibberish or not soon) and sampling the local delicacies. All with a side of birthday cocktails!

What a week! Its been hectic and busy but extremely exciting…and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. We have our final training exam tomorrow and start work at our new centre at the weekend so a busy few days before we get a day off to do some touristy exploring of the city we now call home.



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  1. Diane Maxwell says: Reply

    Thank you!
    Great to read all this, we can feel the passion in your words.
    We have subscribed and look forward to hearing about your adventures.
    Diane and Mike

  2. Grandad says: Reply

    Sounds great. You may be getting lodgers soon !! Lots love Grandad ‘n Issi.

  3. Lindsay Roches says: Reply

    Super-duper cute. You’re making the whole “pack up and leave thing” sound very appealing.

    Lots of Love

    p.s I did find this by stalking your twitter 😉

  4. Loren says: Reply

    Looks like you had an amazing adventure and more to come! xo Loren //

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