Vietnam reopen borders for international tourism

This guide shares the COVID entry requirements for Vietnam in 2022. Includes the most recent updates on Vietnam visas and COVID regulations to help you plan a trip to Vietnam in 2022.

After 2 long years, the news we have been waiting for has finally been announced: Vietnam is open to tourists again! Read the details below for all of Vietnam’s COVID entry requirements and the visa policies in operation in 2022. Happy planning for your trip to Vietnam!

Vietnam Reopens International Tourism in 2022

In 2020 Vietnam closed its international borders, as a preventative measure to protect its huge population during the COVID pandemic. With a successful vaccine campaign complete and life resuming to “normal” within the country, the government have removed the border closure. This means that starting March 2022, tourists can visit Vietnam and travel freely within the country.

Vietnam reopens international borders

How to get a Visa for Vietnam in 2022

In short, visa waivers, and e-visas are back in business as they were pre-COVID for travel in Vietnam. Longer visas are yet to be announced, but from my view on the ground, I think they will resume before the end of the year.

Visa Exemptions for Vietnam

As of 16/03/22, Vietnam has resumed visa exemptions from 13 countries including the UK, Spain, Japan, and South Korea (see the full list here). This means that travellers from these countries can visit Vietnam for up to 15 days without a visa.

Travellers from ASEAN countries, such as Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand, are exempt from visas and this policy has been resumed. This means travellers from ASEAN countries can come to Vietnam without a visa for 30 days (with the exception of travellers from the Philippines who can visit for 21 days, and 14 days for those from Brunei and Myanmar).

E-visa for Vietnam

E-visas have also resumed meaning that travellers can apply for a 30-day single entry visa to visit Vietnam. This follows the pre-pandemic procedure and allows those from 80 countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the UK) to visit (see the full list of countries here).

You can apply for a Vietnam e-visa through the online portal (you do not need a visa agent to do this). The e-visa costs $25 USD and a printed copy needs to be presented with your passport at immigration. Apply for an e-visa on the official website here.

Visa Extensions and Longer Visas

No announcement has been made on whether visa extensions will be allowed, nor for longer visas than the pre-pandemic visa waivers and e-visas allow. This means there is still no news on whether you can apply for the multiple-entry or multiple-month visas that were operating before Vietnam closed its borders in 2020 (last updated June 2022).

Vietnam COVID entry requirements 2022

Vietnam COVID Entry Requirements

The Vietnamese government has announced that there will be no quarantine requirement for international tourists visiting Vietnam, and instead opted to treat domestic and international tourists alike. This is great news and means that you can land in Vietnam and start travelling immediately!

Update May 2022: You no longer require any type of testing to enter Vietnam. However, check with the airline as they may still have testing requirements for flying with them.

The COVID entry requirements for visiting Vietnam in 2022 are as follows:

✅ Must download the PC-Covid app for the duration of their trip (download for Andriod here, and iPhone here).
✅ Must have travel insurance that covers you for COVID related health treatment (you can find policies via providers such as World Nomads).
✅ Monitor your health and immediately notify local medical staff if they have symptoms of COVID.
✅ Follow the local pandemic precautions – this includes wearing masks when out in public, using hand sanitiser, completing QR health declarations via the PC-Covid app and maintaining a safe distance from others).

Vietnam has not required a vaccine passport with proof of vaccinations, or proof of recovery from COVID. This means anyone can visit Vietnam, regardless of their vaccination status.

Where can you visit in Vietnam?

Everywhere! Vietnam has no restrictions on where you can travel within the country, and you do not need to join any type of tour to explore Vietnam post-COVID. This is great news for backpackers and those who love independent travel.

Planning a trip to Vietnam

If you’re one of the excited travellers that’s been eagerly awaiting the chance to visit Vietnam, a gem of south-east Asia, then now is the time to start planning your trip! Check out my Vietnam Travel Guide for all details on planning a trip to travel Vietnam!

Follow COVID Entry Requirement Updates for Vietnam

Note: As with everything in Vietnam, things change quickly. Check the news for further updates ahead of a trip to Vietnam. I will do my best to update this post also.

Do your due diligence and keep up to date with the news for further developments and the announcement of more countries being added to the visa lists. These are some reliable sources to check out:

✍️ VN Express International
✍️ Tuoi Tre News
✍️ Vietnam Briefing

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